Dora Loga

Dora Loga


  • What are warts and why do they appear? All types of warts and their photos on the human body. How to treat warts at home? Ways to remove warts in the hospital. Measures to prevent the appearance of warts.
    5 November 2022
  • Anyone can have warts, how to deal with them? What removal methods now exist? About this and much more in this article.
    28 September 2021
  • Medicinal properties of celandine and its mechanism of action for wart removal. Methods of using folk remedies based on celandine, warts and healing times. Contraindications and side effects.
    25 September 2021
  • HPV is one of the most common viruses. The most common infection is during sexual intercourse and domestic life. For many years, the virus may remain inactive and not manifest.
    19 July 2021