Removal of warts with celandine-based products

Each of us has had a problem like warts at least once in our lives. They can often cause discomfort to a person, especially in contact with clothing. Many people use celandine to remove papillomas. And only a small number of people seek help from doctors.

celandine oil warts

What are warts

Warts are benign growths on the surface of the skin. They are caused by a weakened human immune system.

types of warts and their removal with celandine

Types of growth:

  • Papillomas are new growths on the skin of different types of human papillomavirus (HPV). Most cases are benign;
  • warts - occurs on the mucous membranes of the genitals and must be removed;
  • warts are benign growths caused by a bacterial infection. There are several types: plantar, normal (which is very similar to papillomas) and flat (or juvenile).

There are many different remedies for warts in both traditional and folk medicine. One of the most commonly used is celandine, which has a well-known healing effect.

Medicinal properties of celeland

celandine herb flowers warts

This plant can act as both a medicine and a poison in various doses. Its juice has the following properties:

  • promotes rapid cell regeneration. This function is provided by poisonous compounds: homohelidonin, helidonin and protopine, which belong to the group of alkaloids. These chemical compounds are among the key in the fight against warts;
  • reduces irritation from alkaloids;
  • has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects;
  • burns papillomas and warts.

Mechanism of action of celeland

To understand how celandine extract affects a wart, it is necessary to understand its structure.

Note!Celandine is ineffective against papillomas because they are caused by a virus. As it is not possible to completely remove the infection from the body by folk remedies, when the immunity is weakened, papillomas will reappear.

wart on the finger how to remove celandine

The wart has hardened an area of skin that looks like a cornice callus. Beneath its crown is the root, which corresponds to a large number of nourishing blood vessels.

The organic acids in the plant juice help burn the wart stratum corneum and thus open access to the root. The last step in Celandine therapy is to destroy the root by burning it. If the process is not complete, the wart will reappear in the same place. In addition, in this case, there is a high probability of new warts appearing in the area due to infected healthy skin.

Methods of using celeland

An effective remedy is squeezed juice, as well as extracts or ointments based on it.

Celandine juice can be obtained from the incision of the plant stem and drip onto problematic areas of the skin. It is bright orange or yellow. To avoid irritation, be careful not to get the milk juice on healthy skin. This procedure is performed four times a day until the wart turns black and falls off.

As celandine is only available during certain times of the year (late spring to early summer), it is possible to prepare flowers on its basis.

celandine herb juice for warts

Freshly squeezed celandine juice is collected from the root area of the stem, mixed with a small amount of glycerin. The second component not only increases the shelf life of the composition, but also reduces the risk of an allergic skin reaction during use.

You can also prepare celandine extract, which allows you to naturally cure warts regardless of the season. To prepare it, it is necessary to mix freshly squeezed juice and alcohol in a ratio of 2: 1 (alcohol can be replaced by vodka).

Indications for use of celandine

You should consult a dermatologist before starting treatment. It is very important to determine the benign quality of the neoplasm. If you start wart self-dissection with celandine, you should closely monitor all changes in the skin during treatment. It is not recommended to remove more than five warts or papillomas at a time.

If the accumulation has an unusual appearance, it is worth postponing treatment with celandine. It should also not be used on open wounds as it can cause a healthy skin tissue infection.

With the help of celandine is not recommended to remove warts and papillomas on the face and armpits, because the skin in such areas is very sensitive. This can cause an allergic reaction.

The doctor examines the wart and recommends removing it with celandine

Contraindications to the use of celandine

It is important to remember that celandine juice contains alkaloids, so its use in treatment is contraindicated:

  • children under 3 years of age;
  • pregnant woman;
  • with individual intolerance;
  • with an allergic reaction to celandine juice;
  • with malignant neoplasms of the skin;
  • on open wounds;
  • on inflamed areas of the skin;
  • against neoplasms on the genitals.

Side effects

Very often, wart or papilloma cauterization is accompanied by side effects - skin irritation and burns. Usually the cause is too frequent use or misuse of celandine juice.

wart moxification with celandine juice

Pure celandine juice is an aggressive compound that causes burns in contact with healthy skin. To prevent this, it is recommended to apply oily creams around the treated warts or papillomas.

If the root was not completely destroyed during the cauterization process, then after some time the neoplasm will reappear.

Healing time

The time to heal the wound depends on the size of the wart removed. Treatment of moderate neoplasms with celandine can last from one week to three. After removal of the benign neoplasm, care must be taken to ensure that the wound does not become infected. If the immune system is not weakened, healing will be faster.

celandine decoction of warts

Folk recipes

  1. Folk recipes are very popular in the fight against warts:
  2. Using pure celandine juice. The juice is taken from the root zone of the stem. To do this, by breaking the stem, they wait for the milk juice to release and treat the wart thoroughly. The procedure is performed twice, four times a day.
  3. Removal of papillomas in the armpit area with a ready-made celandine solution. The skin in the armpit area of the body is very sensitive, so clean juice cannot be used. To do this, you can prepare a suspension (mix celandine juice in a ratio of 1: 1 with water). It is necessary to handle the papillomas carefully, avoiding contact with healthy skin.
  4. Use of celandine oil. Chop the plant together with the leaves, stems and flowers and pour hot vegetable oil so that it covers the porridge at least 3 cm, and place the resulting mixture in the refrigerator for one week. Strain the concentrate and add the same amount of vegetable oil.
  5. Moxibustion with tincture based on celandine. To prepare the tincture, you can use not only vegetable juice, but also the finely chopped plant itself. There are several recipes for making it:
    • in a ratio of 1: 1 mix freshly squeezed celandine juice with alcohol (or vodka);
    • finely trim the plant stems and leaves and add alcohol or vodka (10 g add half a glass of vodka). After preparing this tincture, the resulting mixture should be poured into a glass jar (preferably dark glass) and placed in a dark place for two weeks. The settled infusion should then be passed through gauze.
celandine tincture warts

Pharmacy products

For people living in the city, fresh plants are difficult to access. But pharmacies have a choice of wart remedies. An interesting fact is that some medicines with the word "celandine" in their name do not contain it. Its function is replaced by alkali, which is as effective against warts as celandine.

In pharmacies you can buy not only products in the form of tinctures, but also in the form of pencils, which is very convenient when using the drug. All of them are available without a prescription.


The body's response to sensitivity should be checked before starting treatment. To do this, apply a little celandine juice on the elbow bend and wait 10-15 minutes. If there is no foreign reaction on the skin, you can start treatment.


  1. It is not recommended to increase the number of procedures.
  2. Do not use celandine juice for healthy skin.
  3. Do not authorize more than five neoplasms at a time.
  4. In case of contact with mucous membranes, rinse immediately with plenty of running water.
  5. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
  6. Talk to your doctor about atypical reactions.

Dermatologists have long been opposed to removing warts and papillomas on their own at home. Improper treatment can adversely affect your health. If you are in doubt about treatment with celandine, the right decision would be to see a doctor.