Why papillomas appear on the body and what to do with them

the doctor examines the papillomas on the body

Papillomas on the body are quite common. They are faced by representatives of different age groups. Visually, they depict different types of growths. But they are united by the fact that they are manifestations of HPV (human papillomavirus). This virus belongs to DNA-containing pathogens and is represented by several strains, of which there are more than several hundred in microbiology. If you are asking yourself why papillomas appear on your body, you should remember the specifics of the virus. Independent development is not possible for them, so the human body has chosen the human body for the existence and multiplication of HPV.

Like herpes, the papilloma virus only needs to enter the host's body once to leave it. Accordingly, complete rid of HPV is not possible, all that remains is to eliminate its symptoms, which are unpleasant-looking growths on the body - papillomas.

Papillomas on the body - what is it

Statistics say that more than 90% of the world's population is already infected with the papilloma virus, although not all show clinical signs. Papillomas on the body are often called by the common name - warts. Despite the many strains, only a few of them infect the human body. In this case, the human papillomavirus may or may not be oncogenic:

  • Strains with numbers no. 1, no. 2, no. 4 and no. 63 are classified as non-oncogenic varieties. It is these types that cause the formation of common warts or genital warts, which are papillary growths in the upper layer of the skin.
  • Strains with low oncogenicity are hidden under numbers no. 6, no. 11, no. 42, no. 43. They can cause the appearance of genital warts, provoke pre-cancerous formations under the influence of some factors.
  • Highly oncogenic types with numbers no. 16, no. 18, no. 31, no. 69, no. 45 and others are responsible for the origin of cancers in the cervix in women, larynx, both and men.

Warts differ not only in the degree of danger of degeneration, but also in their appearance at the site of localization. Each variety has its own characteristics, although the most common papilloma on the body refers to common - vulgar - warts. The appearance of this type of papilloma is usually caused by HPV no. 2, they stand out with a dense structure, large size and covered with stratum corneum. Such growths can occur anywhere, although the back of the palm or between the fingers most often suffers. In men, common warts can be localized on the genitals, in children - on the knees and limbs. Simple formations on the foot are called plantar warts or spines.

Important.A dangerous feature of vulgar warts is sudden growth and acute malignancies.

In addition to the usual neoplasms caused by the human papillomavirus, the following varieties may develop:

  • Filiform warts.According to statistics, they can occur in 50% of cases in people over the age of forty and are caused by HPV no. 2 and 7. The warts look like a nozzle on a thin leg about 5 mm long. The most common areas are the neck, groin and armpit region, chest and eyelids. Initially, these small papillomas appear as yellow bumps, then they grow and lengthen. Fiber growths are not subject to self-extinction and require mechanical removal.
  • Flat warts.Externally, these small papillomas resemble flattened bumps on the body, painted in a flesh tone and with a rounded shape. The causes, as a rule, are HPV no. 10 Activation 28 or 49. A flat wart is a small papilloma, no more than one or two millimeters in size, that rises slightly above the surface of the skin. The localization site is the upper body, the face and groin area, the penis and the cervix. Several of these types of formations can be diagnosed on the inner surface of the rectum. Typical symptoms that accompany such formations are itching, soreness and redness of the skin, inflammation.
  • Genital warts.Their appearance means HPV no. 6, no. 11, no. 42, no. 44, no. 51, no. 54-55 and no. The causes of these papillomas on the human body are usually unprotected sex. Accordingly, such warts form in intimate places - on the male and female genitals, in the anal entrance area. However, with oral sex, such formations can appear in the mouth. This type of HPV can cause many papillomas on the body as well as some formations. In this case, there is no negative symptomatology. The shape of the neoplasm is papillary, the color is flesh or pink. Such warts stand out with very rapid growth, a large group may appear after a few hours. The danger is that genital warts often become malignant neoplasms. In addition, even after removal, warts can recur and are dangerous for women who are carrying a baby.
  • Levandovska-Lutca papillomas.They are brownish-red neoplasms, appearing on the legs and arms of the extremities, forming quite rarely. However, when they appear, an early visit to a dermatologist is required - the growth of such warts under the influence of ultraviolet radiation can cause their malignancy.
  • papilloma on human skin
  • Juvenile growths.In adults, these rare growths are rare, usually in newborns who become infected by crossing the birth canal of a sick mother and suffer from their appearance. They are quite dangerous because as they increase, the functionality of the respiratory system begins to interfere and voice changes occur.

Papillomatosis, which is observed upon activation of HPV no. 6-7, 11, 32, 57, 72-73, is accompanied by the formation of large clusters of papillary growths, usually localized in the larynx or oral cavity below the tongue, on the tonsils and palate. If we talk about what it means and what is full, it must be taken into account - the ligaments of the voice, and in severe cases the lungs, bronchi can be affected. Papillomatosis often causes airway obstruction.

Papillomas on the body - causes of education

We should now discuss the causes of papillomas on the body. Regardless of the type and type of wart, its development is provoked by the "awakened" papilloma virus. Very often, HPV, when it enters the human body, is not felt for a long time and in some cases not at all. What are papillomas talking about? They indicate activation of the virus, as their absence is only possible if the victim's immune system is strong and does not show any failure. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to prevent the formation of such growths. Many factors can weaken the body's defenses, leading to papillomas on the body, including:

reduced immunity as a cause of papillomas
  • Presence of inflammatory pathologies of acute or chronic course.
  • Body intoxication with various chemicals - drugs, narcotics, nicotine, alcohol and others.
  • This can be caused by diseases that are transmitted during sexual intercourse.
  • Another factor in the appearance of papillomas is the lack of zinc or folic acid in the body.
  • Problems affecting the digestive system can also be the reason why such tumors appear on the body.

With regard to transmission routes, it is possible to become infected with the papillomavirus as a result of intermittent communication and sexual intercourse without the use of barrier contraceptives. Warts can appear if you ignore the simplest rules of hygiene - use another comb or razor, nail files and lipstick. Transmission can occur in close contact with the virus carrier. It will not always be a sexual relationship - a handshake or a kiss is enough, the main thing is that there are even microscopic lesions on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes in the form of scratches, cuts and abrasions.

Even if there is no cause of papillomas on the body and growths do not appear after HPV enters the body, the person still remains a carrier of the virus.

High humidity can cause a large number of warts, as HPV tolerates this environment very well. Accordingly, it is quite easy to get infected with them when visiting public baths and saunas, swimming pools. It does not hurt to avoid and wear too tight shoes, which are not only very uncomfortable, but can provoke the appearance of warts.

What are the dangers of the papilloma virus?

Let's talk about why the appearance of papillomas on the body should be a cause for concern. Although HPV infection is not too high, there is a risk of developing oncological neoplasms. These dangers are more common if the warts appear on the mucous membranes, on the cervix or on the genitals. Stem papillomas deserve increased attention because they are the most commonly injured, which increases the risk of wart growth.

Fortunately, most warts are benign neoplasms, and even if highly oncogenic types enter the body, degeneration in cancer cells occurs in 10 to 20 years, so you can avoid trouble by visiting a dermatologist in a timely manner. . Some factors can accelerate the pathological process, including:

  • Bad habits - alcohol abuse and smoking.
  • Unwillingness to control body weight, which leads to obesity.
  • Presence of hormonal disorders.
  • Immune system function is impaired.
  • Ignoring wart damage that results in bleeding, inflammation and no treatment is required.

Warts can often also be injured in the back, and there is a risk that such damage will go unnoticed.

Important.The danger to a woman with a lot of papillomas in her body is often infertility; problems can also affect the genitourinary systems of both sexes.

We must not forget about the non-aesthetic component - of course, appearance does not pose a danger to physical health, but it can negatively affect the psycho-emotional state. Taking all these factors into account, the least evil is wart removal, especially because modern medicine offers many ways to do it.

Hardware treatment methods

When considering the appearance of papillomas on the body, the methods offered by the medicine to prevent them should also be evaluated. The causes and treatment of papillomas are closely linked. An important rule that guarantees a positive result is the complexity of the treatment. Generally, if papillomas occur, hardware methods are considered first, which include:

laser papilloma removal
  • Laser removal.The method is based on the extremely rapid evaporation of moisture from the affected areas of the skin, as a result of which the wart dries quickly, forming a crust. After a few days, it disappears, mostly without leaving scars, which allows you to act without fear of scars, when there are many papillomas on the body or they are localized in sensitive areas of skin. The procedure is also characterized by the absence of bleeding.
  • Radio wave method.If the papillomas damage the skin, they are removed using a radio knife using anesthesia. The advantage is that damage to healthy areas is minimized, the recovery period is short, and the method allows tissue to be selected for histology.
  • Cryodestruction.Another fairly popular recommendation is what to do if papillomas appear on the surface of the body. Cryodestruction means the destruction of warts at extremely low temperatures, for which liquid nitrogen is used. As a result, after a relatively short time, the increase dies and falls. The method is not as painful as a laser, and the session is performed very quickly. However, healing takes much longer because liquid bubbles appear on the code after applying nitrogen.
  • papillomy cryodestruction
  • Electrocoagulation.The resulting papilloma in this case is removed under anesthesia using a high-frequency current, which causes the temperature in the tissues to rise, and the growth cells are destroyed. The method requires more caution, as burns to healthy tissue may occur, the wound heals longer, and scarring and rot may develop.

These are the fastest and safest methods to get rid of a wart, although in some situations surgical excision can also be used. It is usually prescribed when highly oncogenic strains affect the body, causing malignancies to appear on the surface of the skin. The same method can be used for large formations.

Using other methods to remove warts

If papillomas appear on the body, another way to get rid of the problem is through chemicals. In this case, you can use both medicines that are only allowed to be used in a hospital by experienced doctors and weaker medicines. The smallest and safest warts can be removed with their help and at home. Usually, such substances are based on provoking tissue necrosis, as a result of which the growths will disappear and instead a crust will begin to form, which will disappear after a few days.

Most commonly, salicylic acids and other acids are included in such products, it is especially effective in stopping the formation of vulgar, flat or plantar formations. Genital warts perfectly cleanse the medicine, which is a Spanish fly extract.

Instead of pharmacy remedies, you can use herbal ingredients, celandine or garlic juice, castor oil, aloe vera leaves or calendula leaves to wart.

The use of antiviral drugs is very important. They affect the body by stopping the virus from activating, although it cannot be removed from the body. We must not forget about improving the body's protective properties, for which the use of immunomodulators and vitamin complexes is recommended.