Papilloma treatment with folk remedies at home

removal of papillomas on the pilus with celandine juice

Treatment of papillomas is a long process that requires disciplined compliance with all doctor's instructions. However, recovery can be accelerated by supplementing medication with proven grandmother's prescriptions. However, before proceeding with folk remedies for folk remedies at home, consult a doctor and explore all possible contraindications.

Advantages of traditional medicine in the fight against papillomas

papilloma remover

Traditional medicine is very important in the treatment of HPV. Therapy most often involves the use of drugs that stimulate the immune system, and where, if not in nature, look for useful components that strengthen the body's defenses.

Traditional medicine offers many powerful natural ingredients that can remove warts or other skin growths while maintaining the health of intact epidermal areas. That is why, despite the advances in modern traditional medicine, many people choose to supplement papilloma removal at home with folk remedies.

When choosing their direction, they are usually guided by the following advantages:

  • Safety. . . Traditional medicine involves the use of natural remedies that do not contain synthetic compounds. This means that you can be sure that the treatment and removal of papillomas at home will not cause serious side effects, of course, if there is no individual intolerance to one or the other ingredient.
  • Availability. . . Ingredients needed to make folk remedies according to grandmother's prescriptions are usually much cheaper than pharmacy medicines. However, some tools are inexpensive.
  • Efficiency and reliability. . . If you choose your recipes responsibly and use the most recommended and well-reviewed recipes instead of the first available means, you will guarantee the result.

Another advantage of such treatment is an extensive "library" of prescriptions and variability, thanks to which you can always find a folk remedy for papillomas, which not only is not contraindicated, but also helps in this case the fastest.

Recipes can be changed by tracking the maximum response. With medicines, such a scheme is associated with problems for two reasons: first, it is very expensive to buy a new medicine every week; secondly, official medicines usually have a significant list of side effects and it is very undesirable to summarize them.

Contraindications to the use of folk remedies in the treatment of papillomas

breastfeeding as a contraindication to the removal of papillomas

You should be careful when treating and removing papillomas at home, especially with regard to oral products. A doctor's consultation is needed!

Competent choice of folk remedies for the treatment of papilloma with:

  • Presence of chronic diseases, especially of the cardiovascular and digestive systems;
  • Allergy trends;
  • Belongs to vulnerable groups, including pregnant and lactating women, children, the elderly.

Dose should be reported separately. Many people believe that because only natural ingredients are used, folk remedies can be used to remove papillomas at home without restriction. This position leads to sad consequences. When using them, the same strict doses should be observed as when using pharmaceutical preparations.

Another important caveat: folk recipes cannot be used to treat papillomas and warts localized in particularly sensitive areas. In this situation, the risk of damage is high, leading to malignancy.

Recipes for folk remedies for removing papillomas

All grandmother's prescriptions can be divided into 2 classes: for external use, which directly affects the papilloma and stimulates cell necrosis, resulting in it falling off; and for oral use - they strengthen the immune system and can prevent the development of new papillomas.

Papilloma external products

Consider how to remove papillomas at home, effective and proven methods for years.

1. Strutene

celandine to remove papillomas

This plant is known as an effective home remedy for epidermal growth and other painful skin diseases.

To remove papillomas at home, it is recommended to use celandine as follows:

  1. Cut off the stem of a new plant, squeeze the juice. Saturate the adhesive plaster with the latter and treat with the same growth. Secure the adhesive plaster. Change it 2-3 times a day.
  2. If the new celandine season is over, the juice will not come out. Therefore, before getting rid of papillomas at home, finely trim the plant stems and pour them with boiling water. Use the resulting infusion as well as the juice.

By the way, celandine juice can be frozen, it will not change its healing properties. If you are used to using traditional medicine, always harvest plant juices in season.

2. Garlic

garlic to remove papillomas

Perhaps the most available folk remedy for papillomas, tested over time and highly recommended by Ayurveda.

There are many methods of their use, we will provide the most effective ways to quickly remove papillomas at home:

  1. Finely chop the garlic with a knife or grid. Mix the resulting porridge with any hand cream. Prepare the lotion - treat both the wart itself and the bandage with which the agent will be fixed. Apply the lotion for 2-3 hours once a day, after removal rinse the growth area thoroughly with warm water.
  2. Chop the garlic, mix with melted butter and a little lemon juice. Treat the accumulation with the product, after a few hours wash it with warm water and soap.

Both methods of removing papillomas at home are very effective, while the former allows you to get rid of even old neoplasms, while the latter shows the best results in the treatment of new growths.

3. Castor oil

castor oil for papilloma removal

This remedy is also recommended by Ayurveda. Followers of the feed claim that the oil contains special components that actively fight the human papillomavirus and at the same time have a beneficial effect on the regeneration of healthy cells.

Here are two ways to use a folk remedy for papillomas:

  1. The first method is the need to constantly treat the growths as they dry out.
  2. The second method is for those who forget about treating neoplasms. In this case, castor oil should be applied abundantly to the papillomas and patch, and the latter should be strengthened.

Incidentally, when treating epidermal formations with castor oil, the risk of scarring at the site of lost growth is minimal.

4. Other folk remedies

Consider how else you can etch papillomas at home:

  • Ammonia. . . One of the easiest ways to treat growths is moxibustion with a cotton swab dipped in ammonia. It is applied for a few seconds. It is recommended to do it 3 times a day.
  • Pienene. . . Before treating papillomas at home, collect plant flowers and place in a jar. Pour a simple cologne, put in a dark place for a couple of weeks to linger. When ready, strain and apply the lotion several times a day.
  • Walnut and kerosene ointment. . . The kernels are crushed in a crusher, mixed with high - quality kerosene in a 2: 1 ratio. Store in a cool, dark place for 30 days. Strain, lubricate the problem area with the product several times a day.
  • Kalancho. . . Cut off the leaf of the plant and immediately attach it to the papilloma with a cut point, fix the lotion with adhesive plaster. It is best to do such compresses at night, but during the day it can be worn for several hours.
  • Sage. . . Before removing papillomas at home, pour 100 grams of wormwood with 500 ml of alcohol. Insist for 2 weeks. Use the product for growths several times a day.
  • Citrus peel. . . Pour lemon or orange peel with table vinegar overnight, then drain the latter. Apply "marinated" porridge to the neoplasm. It is recommended to repair such a compress with plaster. It can be worn for several hours a day and changed twice.
  • Cabbage juice. . . To get the juice from the cabbage leaves, the easiest way is to use a juicer, if not, make porridge with a meat grinder and then squeeze the liquid out of it. Treat the buildup several times a day.

Note!Cabbage juice is the gentlest of the most effective methods of treating papillomas with folk remedies, so doctors often allow it to be used in sensitive areas. For example, if the vagina is damaged, a swab soaked in this product is inserted.

Folk remedies for oral use against papillomas

onion broth to remove papillomas

Oral medications used to treat epidermal formations are used to stimulate the body's immune function, and they can neutralize HPV.

The most effective folk remedies for the treatment of papillomas:

  • Drug collection no. . . Prepare these ingredients in an amount of 20-30 g: dandelion root, lemon balm, horsetail, as well as nettle and plantain. Place them in any container and mix. Prepare the infusion in portions in the future. Put 1 teaspoon of collection in a small saucepan, pour 150 ml of water, put on fire. After boiling simmer for 10-12 minutes, leave for 3 hours, strain. The drug is drunk according to the following scheme - 3 tablespoons 3 times daily before meals.
  • Drug collection no. . . Prepare the following plants: St. John's wort, immortality, birch buds, chamomile. Mix them in one jar, as in the first case, take them in equal proportions. Here the recipe is simpler: 1 tablespoon. l. pour a glass of boiling water and fill for half an hour. To remove papillomas at home, take half a glass of the medicine in the morning on an empty stomach. The addition of honey is permitted.
  • Vitamin paste. . . Mix raw beets (1/2 pcs. ), Carrots (1 pc. ), Walnuts (100 g) and lemon with peel (1 pc. ) In a blender - all ingredients should first be cut into small pieces to better chop. . . Mix porridge with vegetable oil (you can use it as you wish) and eat every day, regardless of food intake.
  • Onion broth. . . Pour 2 large onions with 1 liter of water and boil. The broth is poured into a jar, add honey to make the taste more pleasant. You can drink this drug up to 5-7 times a day for 1 tsp. regardless of diet.
  • Strutene. . . The plant is versatile as it is suitable for external and oral use in proportions and strict doses. Grind 350 grams of plant stems in a meat grinder, pour the resulting porridge with 1 glass of vodka. Store in a dark place for 7 days. When ready, drink 2 tablespoons in the morning and evening. The course should not last more than 3 weeks.

If, even with the doctor's permission, this or that folk remedy for papillomas causes a negative reaction in the body, treatment should be stopped immediately.

Efficacy and outcome of folk remedies in papilloma

photo before and after papilloma removal

The effectiveness of folk remedies in the treatment of papillomas cannot be unambiguously predicted. There are cases when the growths disappeared after a few lotions with celandine, as well as situations where no folk remedy gave a positive result even after prolonged use. Decide on all the individual characteristics of the body and the type of strain of infection.

We have introduced the most reliable tools to help deal with the human papilloma virus, in most cases they really help and very quickly. For example, there is enough garlic lotion and 20-30, celandine removes warts in 2-4 weeks, castor oil should be used for about 30 days.

The first positive changes in the removal of papillomas by folk remedies at home become noticeable not earlier than after 10 days. It is better to wait a few weeks to evaluate the effectiveness, and if there is no change, the tool must be changed.

By the way, not only a positive but also a negative reaction should be monitored, if the latter is observed, stop taking the product immediately and consult a doctor immediately - if the tumor is injured, there is a high risk of its transformation into malignant.

Removal of papillomas by folk remedies at home is a really effective practice that has also been proven over the years. However, the choice of prescription must be made responsibly - consultation with a doctor is mandatory. In addition, in the absence of a sustained response to such treatment, it is worth turning to traditional medicine to prevent the dangerous development of the disease.