Warts on the penis and other intimate areas

The appearance of warts on the penis can only warn any man. There are many tormenting thoughts:

  • Is this normal?
  • Are sexually transmitted diseases responsible?
  • If so, how to treat it?

It should be noted right away that warts on the penis are indeed a disease that needs to be treated. But there is no reason for depression. This disease is not particularly dangerous. It is treated and quite simply. And now everything is fine.

a man with warts on his penis

Type of pathogen

The appearance of growths in intimate areas indicates that the body contains the so-called HPV - human papilloma virus. Like ordinary herpes that appears on people's lips, HPV can be in a weakened state for several months and even years, but as soon as the immune system weakens, it begins to act, resulting in the appearance of labia or vaginal, pubic, penis warts. There are many varieties of HPV, but they all have one thing in common - they are sexually transmitted. There are cases of domestic infection, but extremely rare.

couple in bed and infection with intimate warts

What do anogenital warts look like and where are they located?

At first, a papilloma looks like a small pimple on the penis (often on the head). Growths similar to cauliflower or cauliflower are possible in the future.

As practice shows, neoplasms are most quickly noticed on the genitals. If they occur in the pubic area, they can be overlooked due to the hairline or simply not given due importance. There is another type of unpleasant formations - warts. They most often appear under or on the groin, foreskin and even inside the urethra, causing pain when urinating.

One of the most unpleasant varieties of the human papillomavirus is Bushke-Lewinstein condyloma. Appearing in the groin, it grows rapidly, often leading to cancer.

a man looks at a penis with warts

Which men are at risk?

Because HPV is sexually transmitted, men and women who lead promiscuous lifestyles are at risk. It is worth noting that condoms do not provide a 100% guarantee against infection, because the virus can enter through microcracks in the skin during sexual contact. Also, people with weak immunity are most often infected with this disease. Therefore, doctors often refer the patient to a venereologist for HIV and syphilis testing.

Causes and provoking factors

The main cause of HPV infection is sex in all its forms and manifestations. The human papilloma virus is able to enter a healthy body not only through mucous membranes, but also through microcracks in the skin epithelium.

The infection can also be spread by household means in baths, saunas, canteens. The virus remains dangerous in a warm, humid environment for quite a long time. Once inside the human body, it can develop there secretly from several months to a year. If the carrier of the virus has a strong immunity, he may never know that he is spreading the disease.

a visit to the doctor for warts on the penis

Factors provoking the disease include frequent changes of sexual partners, diseases of the urogenital system, AIDS and hormonal disorders.

What are the dangers for a man and his sexual partner - a woman is anogenital warts

Anogenital formations on the penis can occur not only outside, but also inside the urinary tract. Also, anal skin formations can surround the anus, occur inside the rectum, preventing defecation. In this case, patients complain of painful overcoming of natural needs. In some cases, blood may appear in the urine and stool. That is why growths on the anus must be removed immediately, without postponing the solution of this problem for an indefinite period of time.

Consequences for women and advice when planning a pregnancy

HPV does not affect pregnancy in any way and is safe for the unborn child. But taking into account the fact that a woman's body carries an additional load during pregnancy and is weakened, the progression of the disease is possible.

pregnancy with warts in intimate places

Pregnant women also have more severe symptoms, so early treatment is recommended if possible. Anogenital neoplasms, especially the vagina, can cause terrible pain during childbirth. In some cases, because of them, women asked for a caesarean section instead of a normal birth. After all, anogenital problems are not transmitted from mother to child. Infection is possible only when the mucous membranes of the child come into contact with the mother's body from the moment of birth.

Differential diagnosis of genital warts

When detected, they often require testing for other sexually transmitted diseases. You should not be afraid of this, because all types: on the pubis, anus, groin, genitals in men and women most often appear precisely because of frequent changes of sexual partners.

A smear should also be taken, in some cases a biopsy should be performed, which will reveal the degree of malignant tumors or benign formations. In some cases, intimate areas require additional testing. For example, anal - can force the doctor to check the inside of the rectum, and on the pubis - the urethra.

diagnosis of warts on the penis


The most painful venereal skin changes are warts that appear on the head below the frenulum and anus.

In men, they cause pain during sexual contact, as well as itching and burning during urination. However, even if there is absolutely no alarm, this still does not eliminate the need to contact a venereologist. Only a doctor can distinguish papilloma from genital herpes, which theoretically can also occur in the groin area.


Doctors almost unanimously say that you should not be treated with folk remedies at home. Modern medicine has a full list of safe, proven products that can once and for all get rid of not only various skin formations, but also the virus that causes them. In this case, there are often quite cheap, conservative methods. Do not forget that if you start treating the affected area immediately after the problem appears, it will take much less time, effort and nerves.

the use of tablets for the treatment of warts on the penis

A lot of attention is paid to antiviral drugs and drugs that increase immunity. Most often, such drugs are available in the form of aerosols or tablets, which reduce viral activity by stimulating the production of interferon. In this case, the problems disappear by themselves.

If skin metamorphosis appeared a long time ago, cauterizing agents are prescribed. Removal in modern conditions is carried out using a laser or cryodestruction, when an unpleasant formation is frozen before removal, which prevents the appearance of pain during the operation.

If they are not treated, oncological formations, bleeding and suppuration are possible.


The appearance of growths on the skin in intimate places indicates weak immunity. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you should lead a healthy lifestyle, including sex. A regular sex life with one partner will allow you not to even think about the problems that are written on this page.