Medical and folk ways to eliminate warts

Any disease requires timely treatment, but this will not happen if the patient does not know the cause of the pathological process. Harmless papillomas are the result of a virus entering the human body in a place where the integrity of the skin has been violated. If the warts do not interfere, the treatment should still be carried out, but in the case of condyloma, a thorough diagnosis and examination of tumor markers is required.

Warts on the foot, for the removal of which medicines and folk remedies are used

Neoplasms are removed at home by folk methods, but this will not get rid of the main reason for its development. The dermatologist will tell you in detail how to treat warts, as the course will be complex and long.

Complete information on growths

Lumps of skin are often harmless and benign. It looks like a raised area, provoked by a strong growth of the superficial zone of the dermis. The nodule is located above the papillary layer of the skin and is fed by a blood vessel. That is why the wart has a black dot in the center.

The reason for the development of education is due to several factors at the same time:

  • human papillomavirus;
  • reduced immunity;
  • wounds, cuts or other violations of the integrity of the skin.

This is not the whole list of irritating factors, but their combination is guaranteed to lead to the formation of unpleasant seals on the skin, intimate organs and even on the mucous membranes. More than 100 types of HPV are known in medicine, which present a diverse clinical picture of symptoms. Growths differ in appearance, location, signs and the possibility of degenerating into oncological diseases.

Flat formations form individually and affect the face, hands, fingers and feet. In the latter case, they are plantar seals called spines. They are painful and cause discomfort when walking. Outwardly, they resemble corn, but with a rough surface. The provocateur for the appearance of warts is tight shoes that press on the toes or heel. Sometimes a multiple formation consisting of 3-6 growths is diagnosed.

Varieties of pathology

The most common type is vulgar or common, which affects the hands and fingers. Because of their appearance, they are popularly called chicken bottoms. They are dense, keratinized growths up to 1 cm in size. The surface consists of a large number of fringes, which give them a characteristic roughness. After a certain time, they can disappear on their own.

Vulgar warts most often appear on the fingers

Adolescents develop multiple rounded warts. It is a juvenile type that has a smooth surface and often affects the face, arms, and lower legs. They can disappear on their own.

Genital type - genital warts. They are usually painted pink and are located on a special papilla-stalk. Soft to the touch, they tend to grow together. They affect the genitals and are transmitted sexually and through contact. They must be removed urgently, because they can grow to a huge size and cause the development of infectious diseases of the intimate area.

Keratomas, or senile warts, are common in older people. The place of localization is the chest, in rare cases it can be found on the face, neck, limbs. Not diagnosed on mucous membranes.

Warts in the corner of the eye are especially dangerous.

Wart formation on the eyelid or in the corners of the eye is especially dangerous. At first, they are not dangerous, but over time they become larger and interfere with normal vision. Removal of the papilloma in such a place will be difficult due to the delicate and very thin skin, as well as the proximity of the nerve and the eyeball.

Formations and the area of the tongue are affected, causing constant discomfort to the patient. In this place, they are easily injured. The therapy is chosen very carefully, because the area is painful, and during healing, the area will increase slightly due to the increased humidity of the environment. Doctors will prioritize laser destruction.

Conservative intervention methods

No matter how much you want to quickly get rid of the accumulation, you need to carefully examine the formation and determine its nature. The doctor must confirm that this seal is a wart and not another pathology. Since the cause of condyloma is a virus, you must make every effort to neutralize it, which will help the agents of the immune system. Therefore, the disease must be treated comprehensively and comprehensively.

Warts can be treated with pharmaceutical preparations

Main types:

  • hardware;
  • drugs;
  • nations.

Along with antiviral and immunostimulating drugs, the patient is prescribed one of the surgical intervention methods. There are several innovative technologies that have long since replaced conventional surgical removal with a scalpel, but this method is still successfully used. None of them currently give a 100% guarantee of recovery, as relapses are possible, and some leave scars and scars on the human body.

Popular methods of destruction of papilloma structure:

  • laser removal;
  • Laser wart removal should be done in a medical facility
  • cryodestruction;
  • radio wave technology;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • scalpel excision.

Antiviral therapy is administered before any of these procedures, which will reduce educational activity and growth.

Methods in detail

laser removal

Almost any wart can be removed with a laser, as this is a very precise device. The specialist performs the manipulation in layers, but due to the painfulness of the technology, local anesthesia is required. The advantage of this technique is the individual setting of parameters for each case, the depth, shape and size of the formation.

During the laser wart removal process, fluid is vaporized from the infected cells.

This is a non-contact method, which involves the evaporation of cell fluid, as a result of which the structure of the neoplasm is destroyed. The doctor does not achieve bleeding, because the coagulation of blood vessels and tissues takes place, which makes the healing process as fast and comfortable as possible. A person has a small hole in the affected area, which over time grows with healthy skin, but there are no scars or scars.

The procedure is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • the presence of oncological diseases;
  • skin pathology in the treatment area;
  • systemic problems in the decompensation stage (diabetes, etc. );
  • the period of child birth and feeding;
  • epilepsy;
  • the possibility of keloid scarring.
Wart removal by hardware methods is not performed during pregnancy


When removing the seal with cryodestruction, the doctor uses liquid nitrogen. It is applied to the formation with a special tool and the freezing process is maintained for 30 seconds. The papilloma becomes whitish, after which it thaws, and a bubble grows in its place, which can sometimes be filled with liquid. Within a week, the blister dries up, leaving a crust. The latter disappears after 14 days. If the patient wants to remove the plantar seal of the foot, the course of therapy will be extended.

radio wave technology

You can treat this pathology in another non-contact way - radio waves. This happens under the influence of high frequencies up to 4 MHz. The cut is obtained due to the effect of heat, which is released in the process of fabric resistance to waves. For this purpose, the specialist uses an electrode. This provokes the development of an influx of molecular energy into the cell. So it heats up and evaporates.


This is the effect on the body area affected by the current when the layer of metal loop formation is cut. The lack of blood provides a high frequency of electricity, which simultaneously disinfects the skin area. Advantage – the doctor can take the excised biomaterial for histological analysis. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia due to pain.

Electrocoagulation allows you to remove the wart and disinfect the skin area

Excision with a scalpel

The last classic scalpel removal option is chosen in extreme cases, when the wart is huge or several units have merged with each other. The patient must be injected locally with an anesthetic, after which the formation is excised. The resulting wound is sutured, so a scar will remain in the area of the papilloma.

Medical treatment

It is impossible to independently prescribe the treatment of papillomas, because in this matter a preliminary diagnosis is important. If there is oncogenicity of warts, such treatment can cause serious complications. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor, who will choose the most suitable remedy.

The drug course can be divided into 3 possible drug groups:

  • necrotizing;
  • keratolytic agents;
  • cryotherapy.

The first variant has a local effect, as a result of which the treated skin layer dies.

Group representatives:

  1. Solution based on podophyllotoxin.
  2. Ointment with anti-inflammatory and cauterizing properties.
  3. Alkaline complex with a mummifying action spectrum.

The group of keratolytic agents includes the following drugs:

  1. Salicylic patch.
  2. Anti-inflammatory agent with anesthetic effect.
  3. Bactericidal solution based on phenol with cauterizing properties.
  4. Two-component drug with lactic acid and salicylic acid. Contraindicated for children under 2 years of age.
  5. Flammable liquid consisting of a mixture of alkali.

The hardware cryodestruction analog is a unique gel product based on concentrated trichloroacetic acid.

Recently, Indian (Ayurvedic) medicines for warts have been strongly recommended by patients. One is a solution that is applied to tumors with a wooden applicator.

Traditional medicine recipes

Every adult and even a child has tried to remove seals on the skin using the methods of grandmothers who know a lot about how to cure warts at home. In some uncomplicated cases, they succeed. There are many advantages to these options, as each recipe uses a natural product that can do no harm. But still, you need to be careful with self-medication.

Different plants are used to rub papillomas:

  • pus;
  • pink;
  • nipples;
  • spurge.

The patient will need fresh juice, which needs to moisten the affected area. The procedure is long-lasting, it can last even a month, while this manipulation must be performed 3 times a day. Healers recommend making a decoction of wormwood, which has the same range of medicinal properties.

Wormwood decoction is used in the treatment of warts

You can rub a warty nodule with a piece of raw or baked potato. This recipe has several mystical variations. So, the potato is cut into 2 parts, one of which is treated with the skin area. After this step, it is necessary to fold the vegetable halves together and tie them with a woolen thread. Discard it in a dark and damp place. After potato rot, all treated warts will come off.

A slice of onion or garlic is effectively soaked in vinegar for 3-5 hours. The resulting medicine is bandaged to the formation, left overnight. The compress is set until the wart separates with the root.

The same remedy is actively used by veterinarians to treat pathologies in cows.

Garlic is used to remove warts

There is a method in which you simply need to steam the wart. By softening it in this way, a person triggers an immune agent response that begins to act against unnecessary upbringing. Another variation is baking soda diluted with a small amount of water to a paste. This mixture is applied to the skin area, kept for 60 minutes, washed off. Baths with soda and salt are useful for quick recovery.

Iodine is known for its antimicrobial properties, so some patients try to get rid of seals with it. The substance is able to cauterize, but to get a high effect, you need to lubricate the skin area several times a day. Sometimes this remedy successfully removes warts without leaving a trace.