A review of effective human papilloma virus treatments and methods

The papilloma virus causes an unpleasant disease, which is clinically manifested by growths on the skin and mucous membranes. It is necessary to comprehensively treat HPV, taking into account antiviral drugs, immune stimulants and remove papillomas.

removal of papilloma on the eye

The mechanism of appearance of the papilloma virus

The human papillomavirus causes a contagious infectious disease. The causative agent of the disease is transferred from a carrier to a healthy person in three ways - from mother to child during childbirth, through domestic contact, through sexual contact. The last option is the most common. Once inside the human body, the pathogen is attacked by the immune system, after which it enters a latent state.

In order to activate the virus, a strong decrease in the immune system must occur (hypothermia, antibiotics, stress, etc. ). As soon as a favorable environment for the propagation of the infection is created in the body, viral formations appear on the human body - warts, papillomas, condylomas. The location of growths depends on the method of infection. Newborns who passed through the birth canal with pronounced formations are characterized by laryngeal papillomatosis. People who become infected during sexual contact develop genital and anal warts. Using other people's things leads to the appearance of warts on hands and feet.

The virus knows how to adapt well. With the help of medication, it is quite difficult to completely remove the pathogen from the body, sometimes it is impossible without surgical intervention.

Which doctor to contact

HPV is an infectious disease. In theory, an infectious disease doctor should deal with the pathology. The patient should consult a family doctor or general practitioner. If papillomavirus is suspected, a referral to a specialist will follow.

Condyloma in the vaginal area of a woman will be examined by a gynecologist. Colposcopy and smears for further investigation may be required in addition to the examination. Formations on the cervix require careful diagnosis.

Men will go to a urologist. The penis and urethra will be examined.

Formations on the skin surface of the body will be examined by a dermatologist - venereologist. The doctor will determine the type of growths, conduct additional studies and prescribe the necessary treatment to eliminate the papillomavirus.

A laboratory test is required to determine the type of HPV. This applies to possible oncogenic strains. In women, these types of HPV cause dysplasia and cervical cancer. In men, they can cause oncology of the head of the penis. If a dangerous strain is found, follow-up by an oncologist may be necessary. If the results are negative, the patient will continue treatment in gynecology or urology.

In order to identify the causes of weakening of immunity or if formations occur frequently, even after complex treatment, consultation of an immunologist is necessary.

If the person cannot contact a therapist, you can contact a specialist doctor. If papillomavirus symptoms appear, postponing a doctor's visit is dangerous to health.

HPV treatment methods

Treatment of human papillomavirus is difficult. To achieve the result, it is necessary to carry out a complex of measures, which will include stimulation of immunity, suppression of the pathogen and excision of growths. This tactic helps to prevent the risk of relapse, which is often observed in elderly patients. For young people, removal is enough, the immune system is able to fight the infection by itself.

Antiviral agents

Antiviral drugs are needed to suppress the infection process. The substances that make up such drugs block the pathogen's ability to reproduce, thereby preventing the possibility of the appearance of new viral foci.


Medicines that focus on restoring the body's immune defenses are important components of proper treatment. The immune stimulator helps the body to recover, to create the necessary barrier.

Hardware methods for removing papillomas

Removal of papillomas by hardware methods allows you to effectively and quickly get rid of growths on the body. The main excision procedures are:

  1. Laser burning. Produced by exposure to a laser beam that vaporizes the wart tissue. The advantages of the method are high accuracy and efficiency. The disadvantage is the inability to perform histology to detect cervical cancer. The laser burns away the entire formation.
  2. Cryodestruction or freezing with liquid nitrogen. Under the influence of low-temperature nitrogen, papilloma tissue is destroyed and dies. Healing time lasts up to 2 weeks.
  3. Cutting radio waves. The removal is done in layers using high frequency waves. The method is painless and bloodless. It is considered the least invasive method of treatment.
  4. Diathermoelectrocoagulation. Due to the coagulation properties, the risk of blood flow and the spread of infection is completely excluded.
  5. Surgical removal. The procedure is performed extremely rarely due to trauma. If additional histological examination or special indications are required, this is the best option.

The patient can choose the hardware treatment technique independently, taking into account the recommendations of the attending physician.

laser removal of papillomas

Other treatment methods

Removal of formations at home can be done with chemical pharmaceutical products. When choosing a drug, the effect of the drug on the skin should be taken into account. For example, therapy of the intimate area should be carried out with special sparing agents. Available in the form of ointments, drops, aerosols.

Purchase products to remove growths as directed by your doctor. Read the instructions carefully before use.

Non-traditional HPV suppressive treatments include the use of medicinal plants, herbs, food and other available means. In folk medicine, pus is considered an effective substance for eliminating warts. They treat the damaged areas until the papillomas disappear completely. Use garlic, soda solution, citric acid, laundry soap, ammonia, iodine, kerosene.

Homeopaths recommend treating the papilloma virus with special drugs. Adherents of homeopathy should consult a specialist before purchasing medicine.

Another method of adjuvant therapy is the intake of vitamins. Medicines have a beneficial effect on the immune system, helping to get rid of viral diseases.

Is it possible to get rid of the papilloma virus in the body?

Human papillomavirus refers to those diseases that are almost impossible to completely remove from the body. A carrier of PVI may face relapses of the disease throughout life if the immune system is weak.

There is information about the body's self-healing. This phenomenon is observed in young patients with strong immunity. HPV is shed from the surface of the cervix during 3 menstrual cycles. Even without treatment, the virus disappears in such patients 2 years after infection. This can happen if the infection occurred during pregnancy. In this case, after childbirth, all clinical symptoms of the disease disappear completely.

If a person pays attention to immunity, leads a healthy lifestyle, receives proper and timely treatment, the risk of growths reappearing on the body is negligible.

Prevention of re-infection is compliance with hygiene standards, constant presence of a sexual partner, timely treatment of acute diseases and vaccination.

Treatment prognosis and possible complications

Comprehensive treatment of the human papilloma virus will remove the symptoms of the disease and put the infection in a "dormant state". The main task of the patient is to follow the doctor's recommendations during the rehabilitation period, to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system.

If left untreated, there is a risk of the disease worsening. Papillomas in the mouth affect the vocal cords. Growths on the body may be injured, the introduction of pathogenic infections is possible. Condylomas in the anogenital region can damage the tissues of external and internal organs. The growth of growths causes papillomatosis. The most dangerous complication of the papillomavirus is oncology.

When choosing a treatment method for HPV, whether it is pill or hardware treatment, a person should remember the need for a diagnosis. Only a correct diagnosis can be the basis for further tactics of the doctor.